Fasttrack’s head office and the processing departments are based in Dubai, the heart of UAE and the business hub of Middle East. The branch office is located in Abu Dhabi. Fasttrack assists the expatriate community in Middle East to make informed decisions on migration programs that suit them the best. Having developed a substantial market for more than a decade, Fasttrack has consistently managed a track record of processing over 3000 immigration cases per year.


Fasttrack’s services are unique as they are tailored to suit individual needs, offering support services for formal assessment of skills, language testing, educational assessment among many others. An applicant who utilizes the services of Fasttrack not only achieves his/her desire to work abroad or migrate, but also acquires extensive country-specific information which allows him/her to integrate smoothly and embrace the future.


Migration – one of the most important decision in anybody’s life, is neither an easy decision to make nor easy to achieve. Accordingly, choosing a right migration consultant is very critical. once the decision is made for the right destination to migrate to, professionally preparing migration paper work and documentation are very important to ensure success. Fasttrack works very closely with its clients to understand their requirement, identify  the best place to migrate to and complete the necessary documentation. Fasttrack’s professional team guides  all the applicants with the highest standards in industry to ensure successes.


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