Spain maintains one of the world’s highest quality of life standards.The country’s thriving economy is built upon its tourism, energy, transportation, and agricultural industries. The country boasts one of the oldest and richest cultures in the world.



  • Unlimited travel throughout the EU
  • No law on Minimum stay
  • Permanent Residency for 5 years
  • Free Movement in the Schengen zone
  • Opportunity to set up a business in a stable European economy
  • Enjoy the benefits of security and wealth preservation offered by EU countries
  • Own a home in a sought-after European tourist destination



  • Minimum investment must be at € 500,000
  • Hold a Valid Passport
  • Proof of the Funds
  • Applicant must be Healthy
  • No Criminal Record



Financial investment applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Purchase of Spanish real estate of at least € 500,000
  • Capital transfer of at least €1 million into the banking system or a Spanish company
  • Business Venture leading to job creation, local economic development or scientific/technological innovation
  • Investment in Spanish Debt Bonds of at least €2 million

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