Hungary ranks among the 30 most-visited destinations on the globe and is considered as the booming hub in the heart of Central Europe. The country enjoys the benefit of being a member of EU,as well as the Schengen zone. It boasts a rich and diverse culture, universal healthcare, and is perfectly located in the center of Europe. Established in 2012, the Investor Residency Bond Program offers applicants a host of advantages.


Hungary offers foreign investors fast-track permanent residency status in six (6) months in exchange for the purchase of €300,000 in corporate bonds. This program leads to citizenship for the entire family,

Govt. Fee:      EUR 60,000 (Irrespective of Family Size)


  • Fast Application process
  • Life Time Permanent Residency
  • Freedom to travel to Europe & Schengen
  • Fully extendable to all family members.
  • No residency looked-for
  • Full rights to work and live in Hungary.
  • Access to all Hungarian Public Services, including Health Care and Education.
  • Minimal documentation required.



  • Minimum Net worth requirement (roughly same as Investment amount)
  • Applicants who are Healthy and have No Criminal Record

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