Greece also often referred to as “Tourist Hub” is 7th most visited country in the EU. Greece’s economy is the 15th largest in the EU block.  Greece is famous for its unique cuisine, language, rich culture, exotic beaches, and architectural wonders.



  • Right to Reside in Greece,
  • No Restrictions in leaving and entering the country
  • Avail Education and Health Facility as Greek nationals
  • Visa Free travel to Schengen Zone



Greece enacted investment based immigration program for foreign investors offering renewable five year Greek residency. Investments of €250,000 in residential real estate in Greece magnetize foreign nationals to avail Greek Residency.



  • Hold a valid Passport
  • Applicant will travel to Greece to apply for Residence Permit
  • Purchase of Real Estate property (or properties) in Greece for a minimum of €250,000
  • Applicant must be Healthy
  • No Criminal Record

No strict requirement for Proof of Net Worth, Source of Funds, Management Experience, Language, or Education.


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